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infxtuated asked: Topshop now have really really similar playsuit that Kylie wore to the Steve Madden meet up. It's called Bandeau Skort Playsuit! X

Thank youu!!!

mariannalucia asked: where did kendall get her white top that she wore with a black skort?

It’s from Funktional! It’s called the ‘chamber tank’ and you can get it at revolve clothing xx

serene-skylines asked: do you know what app and effect kylie uses on Instagram pics as well as any tips and tricks on how to take a selfie like her??? :)

Good lightning and knowing your angles are key things to a good selfie!!! I heard she uses kitcam, camera+ and vsco cam :) xx

Anonymous asked: do you know what mascara Kylie uses? the picture she tweeted recently with the caption "I love him too much" the mascara looks SO natural! thank you xx adore your blog all the way from the middle east😍

she said a while ago that she uses Lancome Hypnose mascara + I recommend a eye lash curler :) xx

Anonymous asked: Whats the app that kylie use for her instagram profile picture? The current one where she put her face in an emoji body. It would help alot. Thanksss!

A fan photoshopped it! xx

Anonymous asked: No one could suit a high neck yellow jumper. Apart from Kendall jenner


savannaaas asked: she said she uses mac lipliner in whirl!

I saw it but thank you loveee xx

Anonymous asked: When you answered a question with pictures of Kylie wearing watches, do you know where she got her striped top? I believe it's the second picture you added in the answer. (:

It’s Alexander Wang! xx

lovelytate asked: what are some inexpensive places that I can go to that would have the same grungy outfits that kylie wears?

Forever 21 sometimes has grungy items and Brandy Melville where Kylie gets most of her clothes. Check Etsy for accessoires! xx


Anonymous asked: All the kylie blogs are saying she uses pink plaid lipstick! Is this just a guess or did she say it somewhere??

To be honest I just guessed cos I know she uses M.A.C. lipsticks a lot and this one looks soooo much like the one she uses so! Sorry in advance if it’s not her exact one! xx

Anonymous asked: Do you know where skylines stripped top is from with the thicker black stripes at the top and thinner ones towards the bottom? You posted a picture of her in it when you responded to the watch question! Thanks love!!

'Skylines' hahaha. But her top is from T by Alexander Wang, you can get it HERE. xx

Anonymous asked: Wait before did you just call us sad for asking you questions ?

What? Noooooo I love helping you guys, but someone called ME sad for having this blog and I called him/her sad for saying things like that. xx

Welcome to the tumblr closet of the lovely Kendall and Kylie Jenner. Thank you for following. Feel free to ask any questions!